about us

● Superior Quality:

We offer tyres with the latest European Labelling law - the most strict tyre quality standards in the world,which guarantees less breaking distance,less noise,less fuel comsuption.
Besides that,tyres with certifications of DOT, ECE, BIS, ISO, GSO, JIS, ADR, INMETRO also contribute to the superior quality.

● Wide Range:
We offer a variety of tyres, including PCR, UHP, LTR, TBR, OTR, etc.

● Competitive Price:
We offer competitive price to assist our customers in penetrating the market.

 Prompt Delivery;
We offer prompt delivery to our customers by working close with our production departments, shipping companies, etc.

 Exclusive Agreement:

We are open to discuss about Exclusive Agreement with our customers so as to protect the market for our customers and build a long term relationship.
CHINA TYRES DISTRIBUTION LTD. is most sincere to cooperate with global tyre importers. We are confident that both of us will be mutually benefited with our joint efforts.

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